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The history of Zhejiang Tianyitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. can be traced back to 1863. Devoted to the innovation and exploring of modernization of Chinese traditional medicines, Zhejiang Tianyitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. now has become a large-scale manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development, production and trade of Chinese patent medicines, and we strive to get further development by making innovations on technology. We are an honored enterprise: Good enterprise in the traditional medicine industry of China, National hi-tech enterprise of China, China time-honored brand, Key enterprise of "five-one-batch" of Zhejiang province, Good enterprise Zhejiang province for technical innovations, Key enterprise of hi-tech featured industrial base of Zhejiang province and Famous Company of Zhejiang province. Our trademark "Tianyitang" is the famous brand of Zhejiang province.

Tianyitang does its best to produce effective & quality drugs, and commits to the modernization innovation of Chinese traditional medicines. We have been working hard on the promotion and application of high & new technologies on Chinese traditional medicines for years.  Through adopting the high & new technologies in the production of Chinese traditional medicines, we have determined to take "high beginning, high technological level, and high market share" as strategic concept, and laid great stresses on the development of key product series.  Up to now, we have successfully developed a series of hi-tech pharmaceutical products in the fields of "medicine for colds", "drug for Respiratory diseases", "antineoplastic", "medicines of Gynecology", "Pediatric drugs", and "cardiovascular drug", etc. At present, our Shihuyeguang pills, Jinqijiangtang capsules and  Xihuang pills are the national quality products with good prices, and our Lepinqing®Zhenhuang pills, Fupu®Ganmao granules are the famous brand products of Zhejiang province.

Tianyitang believes than the creativity is originated in the enterprise itself, we only can get further development by improving our company both from inside and outside. We make innovations independently, but also establish closely cooperative relationships with universities and institutes. We also established complete technical information network, and developed several technical achievements. Some of our products have been listed into the technical projects of China, and we have applied patents of invention for over 30 manufacturing methods and technologies of our company.  Up to now, we have owned powerful and experienced technicians to realize the goal of manufacturing Chinese traditional medicines in modern and industrial way!

Tianyitang also lays great stresses on the promotion and management of brands. Up to now, we have established a national-wide sales network and owned more than 50 sales departments. Focused on quality and types of products, and combining basic drugs and medicare drugs with patented dugs, we strive to increase the values of products by using enterprise brands. According to the demands of markets, Tianyitang adjusts its products structure and strives to sell products in multiple sales patterns.

Tianyitang takes "Being harmonious between man and nature, keeping improvement" as present goal. During the period of "Twelfth-five-year Program", Tianyitang will be working hard on the promotion of the influence of its century-old brand and the production of top-grade Chinese traditional medicines. On the basis of inheriting the customs of Chinese pharmaceutical culture, Tianyitang will take the advantages of company and increase development forces and investments, and become a modern multinational pharmaceutical enterprise, a modern pharmaceutical enterprise "ranking the top position of this industry of Zhejiang province, and leading position of this industry of China". We are striving to make bigger contributions for the development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry!

Our philosophy: promoting the influence of our century-old brand, producing top-grade Chinese traditional medicines.

Business idea: Being harmonious between man and nature, keeping improvement.

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